Friday, September 11, 2015

Today is a very sad day for me.  I had my final Zumba class with the most excellent instructor, Ginger.  I have only done Zumba in my basement to a DVD and did not expect the workout that a real Zumba class would do for me.  Ginger told me at the beginning that if I couldn’t keep up with the movements, to just keeps moving.  I’d pick up on it eventually.  I did pick up several of the dances and had such fun.  My hair would be soaked by the end of the hour.

Ginger has a child starting college and decided that she needed to go back to her real world job as a graphic designer.  I wish her the best of luck.  I know what it is like to have kids in college and have to make more money.

I will miss this class and all the wonderful people that I have come to know during this class.
I will continue with my Pilates class as it is now offered twice a week.  Suzie is a very good instructor and has helped me with my physical problems.  I have a problem with this wrist that I broke a couple of years ago.  And I am experiencing golfers elbow as a result.  I am doing physical therapy on my own to try to get over this pain.

I ordered a new DVD of Zumba today on Amazon and hope that I can get a good workout on my own time.

I will miss Ginger’s class so very much but am grateful for the time I have had with her in classes.

Much thanks to Garnet Smith who introduced me to Zumba.  Love ya girlfriend.

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