Thursday, September 10, 2015

I was just wasting away my morning reading my email and checking up on Facebook to see that my older daughter is in New York City.  My college roommate was waiting on her dad in a dental office.  I love reading what other folks are doing and sharing what I have done.  It’s almost as good as talking to them in person.

The last thing I read before signing out to begin my day of stuff was “People who died yesterday had plans for today.”  And something to the effect of not taking this day for granted.

I also read something about a person saying that they will probably have to work until lunch hour on the day that they die.

All of the above are disturbing to me.  First of all I didn’t even know my daughter was heading to New York City and I skyped with her this past weekend.  It seems as though she has grown away from me.  But that is okay because I raised her to be an independent adult.  I am proud of her but sure wish she had told me she was going to New York City.  I don’t think I will ever go to NYC.  I hate crowds and hustle and bustle.

My college roommate disturbs me because she should be enjoying her life rather than guiding her elderly parents’ lives.  It just breaks my heart and also makes me so proud of her.  She is so strong.  I could not do what she is doing.  Bless her heart and I hope she doesn’t have to work until lunchtime on the day she dies.

As for the people who died and their plans, I have a plan every day.  I may be retired but I am an accomplisher.  I make my little list each morning and cross them off one by one.  My lists sometimes include, walk the dog, change hummingbird feeders, do your yoga, clean fridge, clean one window.  These are my plans and I feel really good at the end of the day when my list is clear.

I tried to take a photo of my list to accompany this blog but the photo didn’t come out.  My list today includes:  1. Put onions away – I dug them last week and have had them on a screen to dry in the garage.  I have a mesh bag to put them in to hang in the pantry.  We had enough onions last year that I didn’t have to buy them until January.

2. Can beans – I have put up five quarts of hot dilled beans but is has been too hot to can.  We are down in the 70’s now and I think I can can.  Yes, we can, can.  (Thank you Pointer Sisters.)

3.  Make blackening seasoning – we ran out the other night when the hubster made Buffalo chicken wings.  I prefer my recipe since it doesn’t begin with the ingredient “salt”.  It ends with “salt to taste.”

4.  Dig potatoes and put on screen to dry.  It is raining and I’m not digging in mud.  Although I could wear my bathing suit and go barefoot.  No, the neighbors would think I had gone mad.  (They probably do anyhow!)

5.  Dry sage, rosemary, thyme.  Since it rained, I’m not doing that either.

6.  Visit the in-laws.  Oh well since it rained I may as well go into Rockford and visit the hubster’s parents.  They are very nice and I don’t think they have many visitors.  I think after 43 years they finally like me.  I take them fresh veggies from the garden and pick up a piece of locally made bleu cheese which they love.  Then we catch up on the news of the girls.  (When they let me know they are going to NYC!)  The younger just moved to Tucson where she is taking a new job.  I am so glad for her.  And she informed me!

7.  Do Zumba at 4.  Because my sorry ass is too big and I must lose it before it becomes too familiar.

Go forth today and accomplish something even if it is changing the hummingbird feeder.  And try to take that day off when you have to die.

The photo above is one of my best accomplishments this summer.  Red raspberry jam and jelly to eat and share.

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