Saturday, September 5, 2015

Well it is here so soon – Labor Day Weekend.  Just in this past week I have been in the lake twice.  Friend, Garnet and I decided since it was too hot to do anything we would do our floatie thing.  It has been nearly 90 degrees for several days.

I waited for her to show up with her little electric pump and didn’t blow my floatie up using my own breath.  I almost died the last time.

We got to Beach Two and there was only one man on the beach.  He had his kayak next to him and an extra chair.

Garnet and I each cracked a beer and talked for a while just to warm up and start sweating.  The hubster keeps our house at 68 degrees and sometimes I just freeze.  I wear these little flip flop socks on my hands that daughter Jess made for me.  My fingers are still cold but my hands aren’t.

The gloves of summer.

We warmed up and ate the cucumber I had sliced up and brought with me.  There is nothing quite like cool cucumbers when you are hot.  They are a natural cooling food.

Garnet had gotten a new floatie like mine and didn’t have the trouble getting onto it like the last one.  I told her I missed her entertainment.  Our method of getting on the floatie is to go out to about a foot and a half of water and to fall into the seat.  I however, cannot go into the water without a plunge first to get wet.  I went out to the rope and dove into the refreshing water.

Of course, Garnet, bitched about how cold the water was.  I told her that I loved her enough not to splash her ass.  She finally got onto the floatie and we crab walked out to the rope.  The last time we had floatieed we had floated out of the swim area.  I decided we needed to go to the other end of the beach and the wind would push us back to our area of the beach.  I stayed in my floatie while Garnet actually dragged me down to the other end of the beach.  What a friend!

We said “hello” to the guy on the beach since Garnet was being a little loud.  She had stopped at the bar across the street and had a Patron tequila before getting to my place.  She was admittedly a little buzzed.

Well much to my surprise the stupid wind was from the east today and was taking us out of the swim area on the other end of the lake.  We should have stayed put down at our end of the beach.

We stroked at the water and maintained our stay.  A lady came kayaking through near us and landed on the beach.  She took the seat next to the only other person on the beach.  Nice!

We laughed and hooped and hollered a couple of times and then floatie swam back to the other end of the beach.  We got out cause I had to pee and can’t bring myself to do it in the water.

We sat and talked on the beach for a while and I asked if she wanted to go back in.  We were both pretty sweaty about this time.  Back in we went and discovered, as if we were the smartest women in the world, that if we simple locked our legs around the swim divider rope, we could stay in place.  What a life!  Just floating around on our almost exclusive beach with not a care in the world, enjoying our beer and the conversation.

The day was just lovely and I spotted a cloud that looked like the United States except that Florida could have been a little more to the south and Texas could have been a little bigger.  It really did look like the US of A.

A lady showed up on our beach with a little girl not yet school age.  We moaned and knew our private beach would be ruined.  It was not.  The lady stayed on her smart phone the entire time they were there and the little girl dug a hole in the sand and repeatedly went to the lake for a bucket of water and came back to pour it into the hole.  Have we all done this in our lives?  Where does it go?  The little girl got tired of this and talked her mom into putting down the phone and going to get the water for her.

Garnet and I lost interest and went back to our meanderings.  She told me about camping and the crazy people she calls family.  I told her stories of my childhood and my very strange family.  We made some bubbles in the lake and giggled over that.  That’s right; I cannot bring myself to pee in the lake but haul off and let loose gastric emissions easily enough.

It was getting to be about the time that I was in need of some food and I spotted the school bus across the lake.  I knew it to be about 4:00 and so we packed things up and headed home.

I sent Garnet home with two cucumbers and a handful of brussel sprouts. She was amazed at how they grow.  I asked if she liked them and she loves them.  I hate to waste food. 

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