Friday, September 25, 2015

Today I am in retirement heaven.  The hubster went in to work today.  Yeah me!  I am alone in the house with the dog.  Rock concert is blasting and I just ate a whole cucumber without slicing it.  I’ve kept close watch on my cukes this year and eat them while still quite small.  They are delicious.

And back to the empty house of beauty and serene happiness, and contentment out the ass.  There is just something about being in your home by yourself, well the dog is here too but she is a joy.  Just sleeps most of the time or wants outside to lie in the sunshine.

I think I must be the queen of digression.  I just have so many thoughts going around in my head all the time and sometimes they just slip through my fingers.

I did my yoga and Qi Gong this morning slowly and it was a good workout.  However, I blew off Pilates so I could have two and a half more hours of alone in my house time.  Half hour to drive there, one hour class, half hour to go shopping for some stuff I don’t really need and half hour to drive home.  I’d much rather be in my house alone.

I took the dog for a walk this morning and it is just lovely outside.  The weather is perfect, the trees are starting to turn just a smidge, and no one was around except a couple of guys working on someone’s deck.  I smiled hello to them.  They dog was dying to get them to pet her.  It is her hobby.

I’m considering cutting my raspberry vines to the ground.  They look terrible.  The Japanese beetles have eaten the crap out of them.  There are a ton of weeds and I just want to clear the entire bed of everything.  I may dig all the strawberries and replant them how you are supposed to plant them.

I have to get my Master Gardener Book back from my neighbor.  I have to look up raspberries and see if I will destroy them if I cut them to the ground.  And I have to reread how to plant strawberries.

Ah, the day is before me, what shall I do with it?  List today reads:  1. Give Jessie dog a sponge bath, 2.  Cook beans that I picked yesterday, 3.  Do something with tomatoes that I picked yesterday, 4.  Clean the bathrooms, 5.  Dry herbs, 6.  Cut raspberries to the ground, 7.  Zumba at 4:00.  Sounds like a plan.

The photo is some Chinese pot stickers that I made recently.  I may have to make those again.  Now I'm hungry!

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