Friday, January 15, 2016

I had a wonderful surprise when I checked my mailbox.  Inside were two copies of the magazine Green Prints.  They are the publication that bought my short story and poem last year.  Inside I found my poem in print.  You cannot imagine how thrilled I am.

Here is the poem:
Oh garden, how I loathe you
With your weeds, Purslane and that annoying lemon balm.
The sound of a fresh dandelion root popping is one of my favorite sounds.
The smell of herbs and marigolds keeps me calm.
Oh garden how I adore you
Planting, cultivating, and reaping – this is my church of the soil.
Digging in the dirt brings me consolation
And eating your produce brings me further joy.
Oh garden how I miss you
When autumn turns to winter and I’m stuck inside.
Turning the pages of garden catalogs and organizing my seeds.
Oh this snow I cannot abide.
Oh garden how I need you
To give me hope of a new spring meaning
Get out the tiller and new gardening gloves
For another season of avoiding house cleaning.

Frankly I don’t think this is my best work but it earned me twenty five bucks and I’m not complaining.  Now if I can just get that big buck story sold.

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