Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Search for Meaning

Today I got an email from Freedom With Writing, a site that sends me places that are accepting written stories and poems.  Parabola proposed a story contest to write about The Search for Meaning.  I thought to myself, “the search for the meaning of what?”

Of course, I thought then about the meaning of life and of all the things I had read in bygone years about the subject.  I read once about the true meaning of life was to realize your dreams.  Another suggested to become more than you imagine.  I think the meaning of life is to draw the next breath and keep right on.

And the search…Where do you search?  Some suggestions are within your faith, within yourself, within a dictionary.

The meaning of a life might consist of the profession they chose, the person they choose to spend their life with, if or not to have children.  Another person’s meaning of life will be if they ever get published and become famous for their terrific writing.

Was I a good mother, wife, friend?  Am I happy?  Would I do it differently if I had it to do over?  Why am I here?

My parents were Christians and raised me with Christian morals.  I truly believe we would all be better people if we did indeed stop and think, “What would Jesus do?” before we acted.  I try and live by the “love your neighbor” rule of thumb but sometimes the really stupid and cruel ones get to me.

I believe my meaning in life is to try to leave this world a better place because I was here.  I know I succeeded with my children.  They still like me and respect me.  They are successful individuals and I hope they are a reflection of my belief in what they are in their souls.  Only they know their soul.  I don’t own them and never have.

As to the search for meaning, I think it is an ever going process.  When you stop searching, you might as well die.

Photo of me and one of my meanings, Jessie dog.  I mean to give this little girl the best life ever.  Someone told me once that she won the lottery when I adopted her.  It's true.

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