Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Guess what!

            The other day I was surfing the Themestream site for reading material.  I clicked on Julie Lewis whom I have been tracking because she has a wonderful sense of humor (you should check her out too!).  I’m reading her article entitled, “Dirty Water, Dead Mice and Flashing Lights” which is very odd and when I get to the bottom of the article it says, “Guess Who I’m Having for Dinner.”  I am a hopeless sucker for the word “guess” and of course, I clicked on that too.

            I read the entire list of whom Julie was having for dinner and boy, was I pissed!  I wanted to guess.

Ever since my daughters went through that awkward state around five years old, where every sentence begins with, “guess what”, I have wanted to guess.  I would invariably interrupt at that stage, right after, “guess what”, and begin my guessing.  The guesses usually started off with something to do with an extra terrestrial invasion simply because I’ve always wanted to talk to someone who had encountered aliens.  I sometimes guessed that they were going to have a baby because every five-year-old girl who is asked if she is pregnant, gets this really excellent look on her face.  It is a wonder to behold.

            Breaking a leg is also a good guess because obviously they are standing right there and don’t have a broken leg.  I cannot pass up the opportunity to kid a five-year-old girl.

            My daughters pretty much got over their need to begin sentences with “guess what” but I had a whole Girls Scout Brownie troop of 24 girls for three years.  Some of them were slow learners.  A couple of them got used to my guessing but a lot of them just said, “Oh, Wilma” and went on to tell me whatever it was they wanted me not really to guess.

            The habit of guessing began with my girls and their very bad habit but I think it is because I have such an overactive imagination that I just love to guess whenever presented with the opportunity to do so.

            Now as far as Julie Lewis’ article and guessing whom she was having for diner-- my first guess would, of course, been an alien for reasons I have already explained.  Number two would have been Sting because I want to have him for dinner (literally and physically).  My third guess would have been someone from her family because by now she would be ready to cut me off and tell me to stop guessing.  So anyhow, go surf her site and read who she had for dinner because it seemed to be a group of such fascinating people.  In fact, I wish I had been at her dinner.

            And, by the way, never, ever, ask me to “guess what” unless you are serious.

Just a few of the friends we had for dinner once.  Most of my favorite people in the world are in this photo.

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