Sunday, February 15, 2015

Yesterday morning while doing my yoga I realized that it was kind of hard on my old butt and my head.  Sitting Zazen is hard on the butt.  If you can get comfortable it makes things much easier.  And I’m trying headstands.  Just a little at a time because my noggin just doesn’t take all my weight well.

I found some old carpet foam padding in the basement and made myself a “sit-upon”.  All you Girl Scouts out there remember the sit-upon, don’t you?  We made them in one of my first scout meetings.  You made it out of waterproof material so you had something to sit on if our meetings were outside.

When I had Brownie troops, we made our sit-upons for the first meeting.  The girls were so cute trying to sew them together.  I hole punched the things for them and they sewed them together with yarn and a big ass needle.  We stuffed them with newspapers so they would be comfortable to sit on.  Then they put their names on them so they could identify them easily.  The girls decorated them and we always took them when we met outside.

Making my sit-upon brought back many memories of my Brownie troops.  There were 24 girls one year.  That was a chore.  I remember the fiasco of making homemade paper.  My old Tupperware bowl will never be the same.  I loved taking them to Discovery Center in Rockford.  That was a blast.

I had a wonderful night’s sleep last night and woke up at 4:10 and did my yoga.  I certainly did appreciate that sit-upon when I sat Zazen.  The headstand was not so bad either.  I should start a business and make everyone sit-upons.

My sit-upon.  I just put the statue there so it added artistic interest. (Right!)

Oh and I learned something last evening while reading the book for my Master Gardener Book Club.  There was a general during the Civil War who provided prostitutes for his men when they were R & R'ing.  His name was Hooker and that is why prostitutes are often referred to as hookers.

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