Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We had company from out of town last weekend.  It was so fun catching up and laughing with them.  Nineteen friends got together the first night at the local Chinese restaurant and we had such a wonderful time.

When we got home and relaxed, we first changed into more comfortable clothes.  The hubster chose an old grey sweatshirt that is ragged at the neck and has a MAJOR hole in the elbow.  It is stained and not even useful as a rag.  I could not believe he chose that sweatshirt to wear in front of our friends.

Having been married for almost 45 years, I guess I should be used to his habits.  I have thrown away so many old t-shirts of his.  Once I ordered the same t-shirt on-line so he would give up the old one.  It was a “Gorilla Snot” t-shirt and he didn’t care that it had numerous holes in it and the neck band was coming off.  (For those of you who don’t know, gorilla snot is a product you use to keep from losing your guitar pick.)  He cut the logo out of the old t-shirt and uses it to dust his guitar case.

He once had a Fenwick (fishing poles) t-shirt and the logo was hanging from tatters.  I forget how I got that one away from him.

The most embarrassing clothing thing he ever had thought had to be these tennis shoes that he refused to get rid of.  I couldn’t believe he wore them as his house shoes.  I couldn’t even wash them.  He wanted them just like they were.  I finally convinced him to get some of those Crocs like Mario Batali wears--but not in orange.  I got him a pair in brown and he is still wearing them as his house shoes.

I was so relieved the day I put those tennis shoes into the garbage.  The rest of the garbage was probably repulsed.

I do manage to keep him in nice underwear in case he is in an accident and has to go to the hospital.  And when he goes out he does dress nicely.  Grey vee neck sweater, long sleeve shirt with the collar buttoned down and blue jeans.

I guess I should talk.  I kept the shoestrings from my six year old tennis shoes and replaced the pair in my new shoes.  (By the way, he surfed them and they are bubble lace shoe strings from New Balance.

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