Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lunacy is interpreted to mean extreme foolishness or an instance of it or unsoundness of mind sufficient to incapacitate one for civil transactions.

I first remember our family having “lunacy” during a Spring break trip to Florida.  And I am sure the hubster would correct this to say “we girls” first had lunacy, blah, blah.  It seemed as if we had been in the car for ages.  We were stopped just inside the Florida state line in a traffic jam.  The girls wanted to write big signs and hold them up to the windows to talk to the cars next to us.

“We’re from Ohio,” one said.  The hubster pointed out that our license plates said we were from Illinois.  (Who in their right mind wants other people to think that they are from Illinois?)  The hubster pointed out a car in front of us which was from Alaska.  “What are you gonna write on their sign, ‘Had any good blubber lately?’”

That did it.  The three of us girls were in hysterics.  I looked back and Addi had her dunking bag over her head with her McDonald’s pig nose over it.  I about peed myself.  Then I looked over a Jess and she had her Barbie doll hanging from the window by her hair.  She was waving Barbie’s arm at the car next door.

We were all (not him, of course) laughing so hard we were crying.  I think we finally got on the move and probably all fell asleep.

And so our family, well okay, not him, we girls, have on occasion gotten lunacy.  Usually it was car lunacy.  But we have had many instances when we could no longer control the situation or have sufficient mind for civil transactions.  Bed lunacy, book lunacy, dance lunacy, we girls did it all.

A few years ago Jess and Anthony came for a visit during the fall.  Addi and Sam were down from Madison, and so my family was intact.  I decided one day when we were all cleaned up and dressed up that I would like to have a current photo of me and my girls.  I got the camera out and started to direct whichever guy was going to take the photo.
As soon as we got together the lunacy began.  Addi was talking about something and Jess just burst out laughing.  I soon joined in and then we all could not hold it in any longer.  We drenched ourselves in extreme foolishness.  Little did we realize that whoever had the camera was documenting this unsound mind occasion.

I will share them with you.

And I did finally get a current photo of my girls, my sons and myself.

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  1. I think my favorite lunacy was either:
    - Merry Christmas, Daddy! We stole your toilet!
    - Calling the How Am I Driving? 1-800 number and giving complements to truckers.