Sunday, February 8, 2015

I have a little lamentation today.  I just purchased a new pair of walking shoes to do Zumba in.  They are Sauconys and I really like them.  But the darn shoestrings are a mile long.  Why do shoe makers include shoestrings that are ridiculously long?  I am an adul, and should not have to double tie my shoestrings.

I had this pair of Nikes several years ago and they had the best shoestrings.  They were curled.  As if someone had macraméd them and made them twist.  They were not a mile long and they stayed tied without double tying them.  I dumped the shoes recently because they were so slippery on the bottom that they weren’t even safe to garden in.  I kept those shoestrings and I am determined to change them with my new shoestrings.

Take that shoe makers!  I hope they last me a long time.

Note to self:  go online and see if you can find those wonderful shoestrings.

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