Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Reincarnation now!

In my next life I will not have children.
I’ll be selfish and self possessed and not be ashamed.
I will care for me.  I will be number one.
I will buy those cute shoes for myself.
That college education will be mine.
And I’ll not be disappointed if I don’t tell myself thank you.
Pat myself on the back, smile and go with the knowledge that whatever I want is mine because I’m important.
Besides, who else is there to do it for?

In my next life I will choose a partner that loves long walks in the morning and evenings.
He will enjoy a catch with me daily to celebrate spring and baseball season.
We will toss the football in the fall and laugh when we miss.
We will go snorkeling every weekend in summer and make love daily until we are sore.
That partner will occasionally rub my back or brush my hair.
He will leave for work but come back quickly for just one more kiss.
He will take my hand and hold it in public.
He will breathe in my ear and tell me he cares with scads of people around and within hearing distance.

Oh, why couldn’t it be in this life and now?

Big Butter Jesus, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Now defunct.  How sad is that?

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