Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some thoughts about porch sitting

            When I was a child my family used to vacation in Kentucky because we had relatives living there.  We would pack up and go to the country, enjoy nature and being with our family.

            My brother, sister and I were always astounded that we would pass by big farm houses and a whole bunch of folks would be sitting on the porch, evidently doing nothing.  As we passed by they would, more often than not, wave to us, and we would wave back.  I laughed to myself to think that people did nothing but sit on their porches and watch whoever passed by and wave to them.  I never envisioned the day when I would be content to sit on my porch and do the same.

            Several years ago my husband built a most wonderful deck on the front of our lake view home.  Before we had even the smallest portion of the deck completed, we ended up sitting in our lounge chairs and watching the world go by.  We laughed at ourselves but found that we were quite entertained.  When we finished that magnificent deck we promised ourselves that we would get benefit from it and always use it

I’ve seen two people wreck boats from that deck and one person wreck their car.  I’ve seen kids wreck on their bikes and skateboards.  I once watched a kid fly a kite with a pink flamingo attached to the string.  I’ve watched as enumerable boats and ski dos went by.  Ski wipe outs were always entertaining.  I’ve watched Orion rise into the night sky and seen satellites crossing the universe.

            Several years ago I visited my 87-year-old father and we ended up sitting on his porch.  There is not the best view from his porch, just the backs of other homes, a tree and his flower bed.  We listened to the birds singing, watched a couple of airplanes fly overhead and glanced as people drove by on the street.  We also waved a couple of times when we recognized someone.

            I found myself sitting on my sister’s deck recently.  Listening to the Elvis impersonator at the local bar and staring at the back of someone’s house.  I checked out all her plants and glanced when a car would drive by.  I didn’t recognize anyone and it was too dark to wave.  (Darn!)

That's my front porch right up there.

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