Thursday, January 15, 2015

I find myself at this computer more and more lately.  I have been retyping stuff that I lost from my last computer adventure.  I wrote a goofy ass cookbook several years ago for my children after they suggested it.  It was called Smother's Leftover Makeovers.  I printed up copies for all the gang that had been at the Thanksgiving dinner table when the subject came up.

Since then I have written other Smother cookbooks, including Smother's Quickies, Smother's Favorite Cookies and Sinful Delights, Smother Goes Vegetarian and am now working on a Gourmet Cookbook where I present three methods of cooking an item such as chicken.  (Boy was that a long sentence!)  So I present an easy method of cooking chicken and then a more complicated recipe and then an even more complicated recipe.  I have not come up with a title for this cookbook as yet.

I also have an outline for Smother's Main Squeeze's Grill Recipes and Helpful Hints.  He is not cooperating very well.

I asked myself a couple of days ago why on earth am I writing cookbooks when everyone on the planet (including myself) just look up recipes on line.  I guess it has to do with my obsession with food.  You see, I am a food hoarder.  I have cabinets full of food.  Cereal I haven't touched in a couple of weeks.  Tomato soup just in case I get a jones for one with a grilled cheese sandwich.  I have a pantry next to the kitchen filled with food.  I have a pantry in the basement with home canned tomatoes, green beans, salsa, tomato sauce, tomato juice, asparagus, jelly and pears (which I stole).

I feel this is due to my childhood during which I ate ketchup sandwiches, tomatoes in the garden with a salt shaker in hand, mayonnaisse sandwiches, the whole jar of olives and other weird stuff too numerous to enumerate.   I just felt there was not enough to eat.  Being a hyperactive child I needed calories, gosh darn it.

In my obituary that I wrote for myself I asked that someone come to the house and cook everything in it and throw a huge party in my honor.  Man, what a spread that would be.

But getting back to the computer thing, I am really pissed at gmail at times because of their setup with email.  I have a separate section for REAL email as opposed to SOCIAL email as opposed to SPAM email (they call it promotions).  Today I decided enough is enough.  I unsubscribed to a bunch of the promoters.  I realized doing this that I had sometime or another subscribed to them.  How easily we type in our email address?

So no more Shop Home crap, no more CVS special deals, no more Rockford Register Star newsclips, no more Burpee sales, and no more Hale Farms sales.  I'm done with it.  I did have to keep the Better Homes and Gardens things because they sometimes have cute crafts.  And FOOD recipes.

I have decided that this year is the year that I break with this food hoarding thing.  I am going to cook what is in the freezer or shelves.  The hubster can fend for himself.  He can have a steak.  He always wants steak.  Yuck!

I am going to cook more veggies that I canned and grew.  I am going to eat at least two fruits every day, if not three or four.  (Those little clementines are really good this year.)

Now I must get back to that gourmet cookbook thing.  And if you come up with any really good ideas for a title, just let me know.

And that's what I call a bigass salad.

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  1. You should keep with your theme of slightly dirtly/suggestive cookbook titles, and call it "Smother's Three Ways" or something along those lines.

    I think I have your food hoarding gene; I purged the cabinets and pantry just before Christmas and found multiple jars of curry paste, 17 types of grains, and all sorts of expired goodies. Best of luck cleaning it up.