Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I realized that I am having a mid-life crisis.  I was doing my makeup yesterday when I got out the hairspray and sprayed my eyebrows.  For the past ten years or so my eyebrows have been falling out and taking root on my chin.  I've got about six left above each eye. Well maybe sixteen.  The ones on the top of my brows have decided they want to stick up.

I look bad enough with eyebrow pencil over my brows but with them sticking up I look even worse.  I use this cute little brown brush and brush my sixteen hairs into place.  Then I use a teeny brush and some brown powder to give them some strength.  Normally, that does it. No one suspects that I have only sixteen eyebrow hairs.  (Yeah, right!)

Lately these topover browns have decided to stand at attention.  I had an ingenious idea. I'd use the hairspray on the little brush and then I'd brush my sixteen hairs into place.  It works fine, but I caught myself in the mirror and thought, "You are an idiot.  You are using hairspray on your sixteen eyebrow hairs.  Now they will fall out too."

My girlfriend had her brows tattooed on.  I'm thinking I may just have to do this too.  Then I'll probably have to pluck those little overbrows so they won' be waving at everyone who passes by.

Such is the life of a middle aged woman.  Okay, so I'm 64.  Above middle aged woman!

No photo of my eyebrows as yet.  I'm still looking for the one of me at 19 when I still had a unibrow.  Ta da!  Found one.

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