Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Just finished reading Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.  Took long enough.  I had to stop reading it during the holiday as it was bringing me down.

I have been a tree hugger since the 70's when my friend, Kay, gave me a subscription to Organic Gardening magazine.  I try to preserve my little back yard from pesticides and insecticides.  I love it when I see a lady bug or garden spider in the garden.  Any help I can get from nature I love.  I did try something for the Japanese beetles on my raspberry patch several years ago.  The guilt I felt was overwhelming.  Much more so when I learned this nasty crap I used hurt the honey bees.  Gardening karma will get me.

Tomorrow I meet with my Master Gardener Book Club to discuss the book.  It should be very interesting.  Lot of great minds in this group of women.

My little paradise.

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