Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of the world.  The magnificence of a flower in bloom, the magic of the beauty of a new born baby’s toes, the overwhelming significance of watching a beautiful sunset.  And I cry!  I cry because it can’t last.  I cry because in the moment the beauty is gone and I’m left with the world as it is.

Life as a peon!  Trying to do my job with obstacles that my coworkers laugh at.  Have you noticed that everyone seems to believe that their problems are the most important ones in the world at any given minute?  Hatred in the world is tragic.  Hatred among each other.  Jealousy and paranoia of losing our job and ending up in the welfare line.

So I capture those beautiful moments and bottle them within my mind.  And when I am down and when another mother kills her children and herself because of the ugliness of the world, I remember that new blooming iris and those baby toes and sunsets in Jamaica and outside my own front door.   I wallow in them and hold them close to cocoon myself from the ugliness that I know exists and will always exist.  But I pray that my sunsets and rainbows will persevere and that beauty and goodness will prevail.

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