Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another Memorial Day has passed and we did nothing to celebrate.  I have always looked forward to Memorial Day as the first sign that summer is almost here.  Someone we knew would have a huge outdoor party and summer would be official.

Since we never go anywhere any longer (the hubster has chronic gout and can’t walk very far at a time) we don’t really visit many friends and stay home a lot.  Hence, the reason I do girlfriend days frequently.

We enjoy watching Netflix in the evenings.  He likes documentaries and I like movies.  Netflix is not offering many movies we haven’t already seen but we manage to find something most evenings.

What we do that we enjoy is cook and eat.  He likes to cook on the grill and I cook inside.

Last weekend as I was surfing the internet I came across a site that mentioned beer can hamburgers.  Well knowing how to cook a chicken with a beer can, I wondered how in the heck you cook a burger with a beer can.  I clicked on the link and it took me to a Bar-B-Q Pit Boys site.

I clicked on the video and my mouth was watering when I saw the burger.  It seems as though you wrap the burger around the beer can.  (He didn’t even wash the thing.)  You make a little basket burger that you fill with yummy goodness.

I yelled down to the hubster to check these out because I wanted one.  He agreed that they might be fun to make.  And so we made Beer Can Bacon Burgers yesterday for Memorial Day.  He went with the onions, peppers, mushroom, pepper jack cheese and I went for the onions, peppers, bleu cheese and A-1 sauce.  I even put in a layer of dill pickles.

It was delicious!  I could only eat half and so I will enjoy that today for lunch.  We had fresh asparagus and salad from the garden along with our burgers.

Celebrate!  Summer is almost upon us.

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