Thursday, May 7, 2015

Today it is official.  Duct tape is no longer my friend.  This morning I made up my mind to plant beans.  My pole beans get a bamboo teepee constructed for the beans to climb.  Last year I don’t recall having such difficulty in making this teepee.  This morning I felt as though my fingers had grown into sausages and I couldn’t seem to do anything right.  I got the poles into the ground and tied them together.  Now I wanted to put a piece of duct tape around the tie so it would be more secure.  The wind was blowing pretty hard and the stupid duct tape (as opposed to the intelligent duct tape) was blowing all around and then would fold onto itself.  It is such a chore getting duct tape away from itself.

I next decided to attach the end of it and cut it taught.  Well as soon as I made my cut the wind blew the other end onto the sticky part of the tape.  And so I went back to the idea of holding it with one hand and cutting with the other.  My scissors decided to revolt against me and they would not make a decent cut.  Maybe a quarter of an inch and then they would be stuck to the tape.

Taking a large breath of oxygen, I turned from the wind (is that alee?) and started on the cut again.  Again the scissors stuck to the tape.  I finally, after about a million cuts got a piece of duct tape and made my attachment.

I went back to the duct tape to cover all my little twinings of twine to secure them.  I looked at the duct tape about a million times and for the life of me I couldn’t find the end of the tape.  I began to think that all the neighbors were watching me and wondering what in the heck I was doing staring at the duct tape.

I finally went inside.  I gave the duct tape to the hubster and told him my dilemma.  He, of course, had his reading glasses on and immediately had the duct tape free.  I got a different pair of scissors and cut the duct tape and stuck it to my chest in strips.  Well, of course, at that point I knew it was my next blog subject and I took a photo of myself with duct tape lunacy.

I didn't even get all the pieces of duct tape that was on my chest in the photo.  Do you see the earring piece?  And is this the worst photo ever taken?  The hubster thinks I am insane and, well I am.  It doesn’t take much to entertain simple folk.  (Think clogging!)

My pole bean teepee is complete and my beans are in the ground and another blog has been completed.  But, duct tape is no longer my friend.

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