Monday, May 11, 2015

Someone asked me recently what inspires me.  Looking back at my writing I believe I am inspired by humor.  I am such a klutz at times and end up in the silliest situations.  I normally write about my experiences.  I don’t mind laughing at myself and sharing the stupidity of my life.  If you can’t laugh at yourself I believe you would go insane.

I have always made up stories and written them.  I can look at a photo and my mind begins to write the story of the photo.  I also like to write experiences that I have had.  I find humor in so many situations.

I think I am funny and like to share my humor.  I believe most people who read my stories share my sense of humor.  If not, they probably think I am quite insane.  I am quite insane at times--hence, my lunacy episodes.  In my life I have had car lunacy, duct tape lunacy, hot air balloon lunacy, Christmas play lunacy, photo lunacy and so many others I cannot remember all of them.

I once grew a cabbage bigger than my head.  Actually, I usually grow cabbages that are bigger than my head.  Ah, cabbage rolls.

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  1. I was always told "Never eat anything bigger then your head". Then, there you are, in what looks to be a un-retouched photo, with a head bigger then your head, implying that you intend to EAT it! Oh, the insanity! I am so confused!