Thursday, May 21, 2015

Last year at the end of gardening season I took the remains of my garden (old tomato plants, weeds, seeded out lettuce and spinach, etc.) to the composting site.  I was so surprised to find in the compost pile a bunch of beautiful tomato plants that still had green tomatoes on them.  I snarfed those puppies faster than you could imagine.

I brought my treasure home and made my wonderful fried green tomatoes and they were so delicious.

I make my batter with some corn meal, a little flour, salt and pepper.  I dry them off first to get rid of any excess liquid.  I dredge them in plain flour first to keep the batter on and then dip them in the corn meal mixture.  Then I warm up some bacon grease and fry them golden.

Add a little cut up fruit and I have the most heavenly breakfast.

Thanks to whoever left those lovely tomatoes on the vine last season.  I hope to get more this coming fall.

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