Friday, May 22, 2015

Years ago in Rockford the black community decided to have a Black Family Reunion.  Since then it has turned into a yearly festival with a different name, I forget what.  Well our friends all decided that we should have a White Family Reunion and we started a tradition of our own.  Mind you, this is not anything to do with racism, we just needed a good reason to have a party.  Everyone is invited.

The beach was the best place to have it since everyone we all knew was invited.  We even made posters and hung them around the area.  Bring a dish to pass, wear your bathing suit and byob.

One of the best things about our family reunions is when someone you just don’t expect to be there shows up.  Our friends, the Webbs, who moved to Arizona years ago have shown up at the reunions several times.  It is so fun to catch up on news and just have a great time.

One year the hubster made fish tacos for everyone.  Our friend, Greg the fisherman, provided crappie and blue gills from the lake for the fish.  Some friends didn’t want to try them at first, but when the first one came off the grill, everyone was in like flint.

Some people have commented on the fact that we all have Whites in our families.  How much of a coincidence is that?  We just laugh.

At each reunion I like to gather everyone together and take family photos.  I really love all my girlfriends in one picture.  Here is one where Jeff photo bombed the girlfriends.  It is entitled Jeff and his girlfriends.

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