Friday, May 15, 2015

Well I had to seal the grout in the new kitchen floor this past Tuesday and I am paying for it today.  My back seems on the verge of going out of place.  When this happens I am in total discomfort.  I shortened my yoga session this morning concentrating on my back exercises.  I took two of my arthritis meds and am feeling somewhat better if I sit still and don’t make any quick movements.

I feel such empathy for people with chronic back pain.  It is like having a toothache all the time.  I have worked through mine with the help of chiropractic care, professional and my own learnings.  Jess used to walk on my back when she lived at home.  I have even had a student at the school where I worked walk on my back once.

I am not much for sitting around and this back thing is awful on my hyperactive self.  I think I will take a short nap and see if it is any better.  And maybe a long bath later.

I had a short nap with my legs and back in the correct position and I do feel somewhat better.  I have just learned that one of my favorite aunts has died.  I am so sad because I know I cannot make the drive to Ohio for her funeral.  This back would not allow it.

I have such fond memories of my cousins and our many adventures.  My daddy’s family was one of the most fun loving people.  Always cracking jokes and playing games.  And such food you would never believe.  I think it was because they came from a simple background and appreciated all of their blessings.

Rest in peace Aunt Limabean.  I wish I had a photo of her to include.

Photo is my cousins, Tim, Gerald, Russ, Sue and Emerson in back row.  In front are Barb, Pam and myself.

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