Sunday, May 17, 2015

I have got a terrible case of beach fever.  I want to be on the beach so badly that I hurt.  I have had a back and neck ache for days and it is all because I want to be on the beach.  I may just have to drive across the lake today and put my feet in the sand.

The first time I ever experienced the beach was when my brother was in the Air Force in North Carolina and my family drove down to visit him.  We had never been to the ocean and decided it was a good time to do such.  I will never forget when we rounded the top of a hill at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The ocean was before us and it was eternal.  You could see it entirely in your vision.  I fell in love.

We played on the beach like little children.  Even my father was nuts over the ocean and the beach.  My mother didn’t swim and so she sat in the cabana watching us and taking some pictures.  (Yes, she cut off our heads!)

I think my next beach experience came when the hubster got his hand hurt in a punch press accident a couple of years after we were married.  We decided he needed to recover by the beach.  He and I and five other friends headed off to Daytona Beach, Florida.  We had one heck of a time.  The hubster couldn’t resist the water and got his bandage all wet.  We ended up at a hospital getting it rewrapped.

After the girls were born and old enough to enjoy it we used to take Spring Break and drive to Florida for our vacations.  We usually did the Gulf Coast thing.  I was so happy to share my ocean and beach with my daughters.

For our twentieth wedding anniversary the hubster took me to Jamaica, which is one place I had always wanted to visit.  The beach there took my soul.  I’d like my ashes scattered on a beach in Jamaica.  But Sugar Creek Preserve will have to do.

I’ve been to beaches many places in Jamaica and I can’t say one would be my favorite.  They all are my favorites.  I have been on a beach in the Atlantic side of Mexico, on the Pacific side of Mexico and on Cozumel.  The beach on Lake Michigan in Chicago is pretty impressive. I have also been on the beach at Pearl Lake, Illinois (where we scuba dove) and on two beaches at Lake Summerset where I live.

I’d take any one of the above right now.  And so I have written it down and gotten it out of my system.  I’m off to the beach.

These toes were taken at Washington Island, Wi.  

I just realized that I have done two foot blogs in two days.  Whats with the feet theme, Wilma?

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  1. For me, it's Cannon Beach, Oregon. The water isn't clear, and the weather isn't warm, and the setting isn't tropical. But the sand is soft, and the town is quaint, and the Pacific demonstrates the kind of eternal beauty that makes me appreciate the brevity of man.