Saturday, May 23, 2015

This morning as I sit and drink my ginger tea and check out my email and the news on Facebook, I noticed that almost everything I click on goes immediately to an advertisement of some kind or another.

I was watching a guy who found his dog after nine years and suddenly some ad popped up and suggested that I change my server to Bing.  What in the heck is Bing?  Probably invented it to further irritate people.

I was checking out this really cute video of an animal which I couldn’t identify and a pop up arose letting me know that I am pooping wrong.  I am POOPING WRONG?  Okay, so I had to read this one.  You know me.  The video showed a drawing of your poop inside your anus.  It went on to say that they had followed three kinds of poopers – those who pooped on high toilets, those who pooped on low toilets and those who squatted and pooped in a hole.

It concurred that those who squatted and pooped in a hole were healthier and happier people.  Who would have thought?

At the bottom of this was a blurb for “Pooping like a Samurai”.  I resisted the urge to check that out too.  I am still wondering if he took off his katana.  (Go look that one up.)

This photo was taken the day I got my Ipod.  I do love it.  I should really update but I hate having to learn new things.  Yeah, right!.  Don't I look like John Lennon in this picture?

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