Friday, May 29, 2015

When I was a child you couldn’t get me to eat spinach.  My idea of spinach was Popeye opening a can of that wilted pukey looking stuff and gobbling it down.  Well he could keep that shit.  I’d stay weak but spinach free.

As an adult I have opened my mind a little fuller and have grown to love spinach.  Not that canned kind though.  I grow my spinach outside in my little garden and it tastes so delicious and is so good for me.  Move aside Popeye.

I have eaten wilted spinach salad in quite a few restaurants.  I love the vinegar dressings but can pass on the boiled eggs and mushrooms.  Boiled eggs smell like farts and I am not eating them.  I do like a little yellow part though.  Mushrooms remind me of biting the skin off next to my fingernails when it gets irritated.  They also taste like dirt to me.  (I’ll write another blog if I change my mind about either of these things.)

I made up my own recipe for spinach salad dressing many years ago.  I have had many compliments on it.

Addi ate spinach salad but Jess never did.  I think Jess has opened her mind a little about food since becoming an adult.  The hubster likes his spinach salad fully loaded (that means with the above mentioned two things I don’t want in mine.)  So nowadays when I made spinach salad, I put mushrooms and boiled egg on half the salad and leave mine nekkid.

My recipe is as follows:

Spinach Salad ala Smother

Lots of spinach, washed and dried
Green onions chopped
Mushrooms sliced
Boiled eggs sliced
Bacon fried crispy
Layer all this stuff.  When ready to serve dump the hot dressing over the top and leave the pan on top to allow the spinach a little time to wilt.

6 Tbsp. bacon grease
2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
Dash of soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce
3 dashes California garlic seasoning
1 beef bouillon cube
¼ cup water
½ tsp. sugar
You can add a chopped boiled egg to the dressing to make it thicker and richer.

Put the bouillon cube into the water and microwave until hot.  Smash the cube.  Add all ingredients and bring to a boil.  Turn off and let set until ready to serve the salad to allow the flavors to meld.  When ready to serve turn the heat back on and bring to another boil.  Dump on salad and leave pan over top to let the salad get hot.

I just had this two nights ago and now I want it again!

Check out this salad bar I am growing.  I have another coming up in two more weeks.  Everyone should grow their own salad.  Good eats!  (AB would agree!)

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