Saturday, May 30, 2015

Boy did I get lost this morning.  I get this newsletter from Quora.  People write articles about stuff they are expert on.  A question is asked, and an answer provided.  Today’s question that got me was “What is the Fifth Dimension?”  Being naturally curious about the world around me I clicked on this to read his answer.

He lost me in paragraph three.  At the fourth dimension.  I had to comment because as you know, I always have something to say.  I went back and read it again but was so lost.  I did get quite the chuckle at the next comment.  Someone had posted a photo of the 60’s band, The Fifth Dimension. “Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?”

On down in the comments someone had posted an url with a video. And so I watched the video.  It was very interesting but lost me again in the end.  I didn’t watch part two.  Too much information for my simple mind.

I do like to envision other dimensions.  When I was a little girl I imagined there was a family that lived in our house when we didn’t.  They had jobs and went to school and came home and cooked dinner and slept.  This, of course, could not have been possible because my mother never left the house.  She was a housewife and mother and didn’t drive a car until my brother got his license at 16.  She would have been 47 years old.  Maybe this was her 5th dimension?

I like to think that dreams are a dimension of our lives but I am not sure of the number.  Sometimes when I wake up from dreams I can hardly get my mind focused back into reality.

I hope you all read yesterday that I sold my very first story and will get paid for it.  I am so into that fifth dimension where I am a famous and well paid author.  I’d like me to be another Erma Bombeck or Dave Berry where I have my own little column and write daily on the many adventures that I encounter in my daily life.  And then I turn that column into a book and many people read it and say, “Boy has this lady got her shit together.”  See earlier column.

I smiled all day yesterday and I think I will be again today.  My cheeks are gonna be sore.  I’ll just imagine them in the 5th dimension as less saggy!

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