Sunday, May 3, 2015

I was watching one of those amazing stories on Facebook recently, something like, “He put vinegar in his dogs and what happened?  Amazing!”  I thought I would challenge myself to write something amazing.

Zucchini, why not?  Zucchini is one of those vegetables that get a bad rap.  People who grow it leave it on other people’s porches and in their mailboxes.  I’ve had it left on my car seat.  It seems as though zucchini is one of the easier veggies to grow and when it takes off you had better watch your garden space evaporate.  I’ve never been a big zucchini fan and so I had never grown it before two years ago.  I decided that if I like other people’s zucchini, my organic zucchini should kick asphalt.

I got two little plants and put them where I used to have my compost pile.  I figured there was plenty of nourishment in that soil and it was far from my precious garden space so the zuccs wouldn’t take over that.  I watered and nurtured them and finally one morning I was surprised with a couple of blooms.  Sure enough I got two little foot sized zucchini about two inches in circumference.  I quickly looked up zucchini recipes.  I made the most wonderful zucchini brownies ever.  I threw together a veggie lasagna with zucc slices instead of noodles.  I made veggie chili and threw in chunks of zucchini.

I quickly grew tired of zucchini and forgot the two little plants for a week or so.  To my astonishment, I had four football sized zucchini.  I threw the two biggest down the hill behind my house and rolled them down to the gulley.  The other two I decided to shred and freeze.  I got several little bags of zucchini and made my delicious brownies many times that winter.

Zucchini is now my friend and I will watch it faithfully as it grows and keep it to minimal proportions.  But you, you aren’t convinced of the beauty and deliciousness of the blessed zucchini.  I must convince you.

Zucchini can also be dried.  You can then whisk it and make zucchini flour out of it and use it in baked goods to avoid gluten.

Studies by the Institute for the Advancement of Zucchini ( IAZ) now show that zucchini can cure cancer and stop bad breath.

The lovely vegetable can be used in combination with any other ingredient.  I’m not sure but I think peanut butter and zucchini sandwiches will become the next craze.

Zucchini can help you win friends.  Just take some of those yummy zucchini brownies to your friends parties and you will be the hit of the party.

And zucchini tastes like chicken.  No it doesn’t, you say?  It does if you cook it right.

Zucchini, why not?

The photo is of course, asparagus, and not zucchini.  I'm not sure I've ever taken a photo of zucchini.  Doesn't that asparagus look delicious.  It is grilled with sesame oil, soy sauce, herbs and sesame seeds.  We are having it tonight fresh from the garden with BBQ'd ribs and I cannot wait!

I had just put up that SOS blog and when I looked down i saw a note to myself to 'write an advertisement for zucchini."  And so I did.

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